About Ace Custom Detailing

Hi I’m Jason Babiak, the owner and operator of Ace Custom Detailing.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our page.  We have always been passionate about cars, motorcycles and trucks having restored a couple and always ensuring our vehicles are meticulously detailed. This same level of pride and personal attention is always deployed on clients vehicles enabling excellent customer service.

We use only high quality products for exceptional vehicle appearances supplied by Wizards Detailing Products.

We are a licensed and insured full service detail shop that provides Interior and exterior cleaning/detailing, polishing, paint decontamination, ceramic coating, steam cleaning, windshield rock chip repairs and ozone generation. 

Our commercial steam cleaner and extractor not only does a great job it also kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria due to the high heat dry steam it produces. 

Ace Custom Detailing is 100% fully licensed and insured, we’d be happy to hear from you regarding any questions or comments, and would love to see you in our shop getting your vehicle some extra care! 

Wizards Authorized reseller

Wizard detailing products: has been in business since 1986 providing high quality products for the exceptional vehicle appearance. We are a full line authorized retail reseller and also carry several types of specialized detailing cloths to keep your ride safe and shiny!

Dealership Service and fleet maintenance

Ace Custom Detailing is geared up and ready to provide service to both dealerships and companies requiring maintenance of their fleet of vehicles at preferred customer volume rates. We are fully insured for dealership work, have our WCB and can work remotely as well.

Please Inquire about preferred customer volume rates by either email or phone.